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January 11, 1986
Loitering Charges Set Aside

by Associated Press
Loitering charges against a homeless man who claimed that he was being harassed for complaining that police failed to help a dying woman in Grand Central Terminal were adjourned yesterday.

If there are no other charges brought against Manuel Rosario in the next six months, the charges will be dismissed, his lawyer said.

The attorney, Jerry Goldfeder, said he believes Rosario was a victim of "selective prosecution" by Metro-North police and his arrest Thursday at the terminal was retaliatory. Rosario, 33, was the only person arrested among dozens of the homeless in the terminal, because he was "shouting, disorderly," said a Metro-North spokesman. Rosario was charged with disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Metro-North is investigating whether its officers ignored pleas for medical help for a woman who died in the terminal Christmas Day. Rosario has filed a harassment charge against three officers.

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