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December 30, 1985
'Gary Doe' gets job offer

by Robert Gearty
The Columbia Law School graduate who wandered the streets for seven months before entering a mental health rehabilitation program last week has been offered a job as a lawyer for Suffolk County.

Suffolk County Attorney Martin Ashare said he extended the offer to the 28-year-old, a former Alabama Youth of the Year, to work as a prosecutor in the county's Family Court Bureau.

"We're a nation of second chances and I thought it a good idea to extend to him a second chance," Ashare said.

The Harvard grad, known only as Gary Doe, took to the streets in Manhattan last May after failing the Florida bar exam and breaking up with his long-time girl friend.

He was spotted by George McDonald, an advocate for the homeless, in Grand Central Terminal last Thursday. Doe, wearing tattered clothes, agreed to enter The Bridge, an adult mental health rehabilitation center on W. 85th St.

Doe had been working at a $42,000-a-year job for a Miami law firm.

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