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December 27, 1985
Runaway law school grad in from the cold

by Ransdell Pierson
A Columbia law school graduate, who began living on the streets after breaking up with his girlfriend, has come in from the cold.

He was spotted during a citywide hunt to bring him into protective custody. The 28-year-old man, identified only as "Gary," was found by an advocate for the homeless yesterday afternoon at Grand Central Terminal.

When confronted at 4 p.m., the tattered Gary agreed to enter a private counseling program rather than be taken before a state judge who had issued a warrant for his apprehension.

George McDonald of the Coalition for the Homeless said he recognized Gary from photographs and descriptions provided by friends and family.

McDonald said Gary denied his identity at first, but admitted who he was after realizing he would be taken before state Supreme Court Justice Andrew Tyler, who had issued the warrant.

McDonald said Gary, 28, has wandered the streets since spring.

An Alabama native, he worked as a clerk for a federal judge in Montgomery, Ala., after graduating from Harvard College and Columbia Law School, according to friends.

Gary became depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend and failing the Florida bar examination in 1984, his friends have said.

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