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December 25, 1985
A Homeless Law-School Graduate Gets Help

by Associated Press
A Columbia Law School graduate who has been living on the city's streets agreed yesterday to enter a private counseling program, an advocate for the homeless said.

The man, identified only as Gary Doe, agreed to the counseling as an alternative to being taken into custody and brought before a state judge who had issied a warrant for his apprehension, according to the advocate, George McDonald.

Mr. McDonald, an independent activist, had led a search for the man on behalf of his mother and concerned college classmates. That group obtained a warrant empowering the police to bring the man before a judge.

Peter Beitchman, an official of a private counseling agancy, the Bridge Inc., confirmed Mr. McDonald's account and said the homeless man was staying at an apartment provided by his organization, which counsels mentally disabled adults.

Mr. McDonald, a former candidate for City Council President, said he found the 28-year-old man in Grand Central Terminal at about 4 P.M. yesterday.

The homeless man, a graduate of Harvard College, became depressed after breaking up with his girlfriend and failing the Florida bar examination in 1984, according to his friends. He moved back to New York and eventually onto the streets, they said.

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