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July 9, 2014
Van Bramer allocates additional budget money to clean Long Island City/Dutch Kills streets

by Christian Murray

The city is going to be hiring more workers to clean the streets of Long Island City.

Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, who recruited the services of a non-profit group last year to clean a large section of Hunters Point, has allocated funds from the latest city budget to expand the coverage area to include Dutch Kills and a much wider swath of Long Island City.

Van Bramer allocated $34,000 from last year’s budget to hire two workers from the Doe Fund, a group that provides jobs to homeless people in an effort to help them rebuild their lives, to empty garbage and pick up trash on Vernon Blvd (between 50th and 45th Avenues) and 11th Street (50th Avenue through 45th Avenue)—as well as some parts of Jackson Avenue.

In the 2015 budget, Van Bramer has allocated an additional $70,000 toward expanding the Hunters Point program and cleaning the Dutch Kills neighborhood.

Van Bramer has not finalized the list of streets that will be added to the Hunters Point program. However, he said, that that the number of streets that will be added will be significant.

Furthermore, the list of streets that will be cleaned in Dutch Kills has yet to be compiled. However, Van Bramer said that a lot of attention will be paid to 36th Avenue.

Dutch Kills is roughly bounded by 36th Avenue to the north, Queens Plaza to the south, 21st Street to the west and 32nd Street to the east.

The recent passage of the city budget is going to bring plenty of other resources to Long Island City.

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