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June 1, 2006
Keeping our Streets Clean

The Doe Fund comes to DUMBO
The DUMBO Improvement District is proud to announce that the Doe Fund, a New York City based non-profit organization, has been hired to provide supplemental sanitation services for DUMBO. 

Since its founding in 1987, the Doe Fund has remained committed and successful at its mission to train and provide employment for countless homeless people in the areas of street sanitation, letter shop, Integrated Pest Management and Food Service. Currently, the Doe Fund is providing cleaning services throughout four out of the five boroughs in the City, for organizations like the Hudson River Park Trust, the Columbus Avenue, Montague Street, and Myrtle Avenue BIDs, the Downtown Brooklyn Council, and the Coney Island Development Corporation.       

Beginning July 1, the Doe Fund will be responsible for fulfilling the following street sanitation services in DUMBO:

  • Clean sidewalks
  • Change filled garbage bags and reline trash cans
  • Remove debris from sidewalks
  • Regularly wash trash receptacles and keep them graffiti-free
  • Line the newspaper distribution boxes
  • Remove posters, stickers, graffiti and other debris from street appliances
  • Clear snow from catch basins, gutters and pedestrian crossings at street intersections, as well as from bus stops and subway station entrances
  • Paint various street fixtures
  • Remove graffiti from street furniture, and buildings with property owner permission.

We are confident that the Doe Fund will succeed in not only keeping our streets clean and orderly at a professional and high quality level, but will also instill a positive influence in our neighborhood.         

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