Success Story

Jeff Stubbs

Jeff Stubbs Success Story

Drugs played a role in Jeffrey Stubb's homelessness, but the root cause was probably the dislocation and loneliness of immigration. Jeff came to the United States from the Bahamas with the intention of going to college in North Carolina on a basketball scholarship.

He made a stop in New York to work for a while and save some money. Drugs turned it into a permanent detour. His first experience of homelessness ended when he gave up drugs, got a job as a manager in a sporting goods store, and married the mother of his twin sons. He became homeless again when, after losing his job and spending four years as a house husband and full-time father, his guilt and frustration about not being able to support his family financially led to a breakdown at home that forced him back out onto the streets. "The worst part," he says, "was not being there for my kids, not giving them their baths at night and feeding them and helping with their homework.

Three weeks after entering Ready, Willing & Able, Jeff was in a blue jump suit, sweeping First Avenue, between 60th and 68th Streets. "It was hard at first," he admits. "Here I am cleaning the streets of New York, I used to be a manager." But he stuck with it and, in eight months, was advanced to a Supervisor in Training (SIT), in charge of a crew of ten. After graduation, Jeff was hired as a full-time staff supervisor and now works as the Supervisor of Admissions and Facility Operations at Ready, Willing & Able Philadelphia. But his priority remains his boys, and he travels to New York every weekend to spend time with them.

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