Success Story

Terrance Pressley

Terrance Pressley Success Story

At 29, with no home and a long history of drug abuse, Terrance desperately needed to get his life back on track. After he enrolled at Ready, Willing & Able’s Harlem Center for Opportunity, he noticed his life changing quickly. “Ready, Willing & Able became a father figure—you may not get your way all the time, but you’ll get everything you need.” He also learned the importance of following its rules. “If you don’t abide by the rules of the real world,” he says, “they have a place called the penitentiary for you!”

The return on Pressley’s investment was immediate: “a paying job and a quiet, drug-free place where I could collect my thoughts. I took financial management, conflict resolution, and relapse prevention and even got my GED!” Pressley’s outstanding performance brought him an offer to work at Ready, Willing & Able as a Community Improvement Project Site Supervisor, and later a promotion to Senior Supervisor. He remained there for seven years. “The best part of my job was hearing from someone that he stayed in the program because of me.”

In the meantime, he started taking tests to become a city employee. “I took them all. Sanitation. MTA. Even Corrections!” Finally, the long-awaited call came: a job offer from the MTA. Today, Terrance is a bus operator lighting his own way to a brighter future. With his sights set on college, he eventually wants “to return to helping people like I did at The Doe Fund. That’s where my heart is.”

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