Success Story

Craig Hall

Craig Hall Success Story

Craig’s addiction led him to run away from home at a young age, and he spent the next thirty years living day by day. While he didn't lack the desire to break the cycle of addiction, Craig did lack the tools to help him remain sober

The Doe Fund made his quest more attainable.  Craig enrolled in Ready, Willing & Able and thrived on the structure the program offered.  Seeing fellow participants with similar life experiences made him realize that it wasn't too late to become the person he wanted to be.  


Near the top of Craig’s agenda was to earn his GED – an enormous accomplishment, particularly after being out of school for such a long time.  But Craig pursued his goal with unparalleled intensity and perseverance.  He never missed a class or assignment, and used every moment of free time to focus on his studies. 

After graduating from Ready, Willing & Able with his GED and a new apartment, Craig was able to find a job at Mt. Sinai Hospital’s Emergency Room.  The exceptional quality of his work led the Hospital to name him “Employee of the Month” after only five months.  Furthermore, because of his outstanding work ethic and admirable sense of responsibility, Hospital Union 1199C invited Craig to begin the application process for a two-year Licensed Practical Nurse program. 

Craig’s hard work continues to pay off.  Most recently, he traveled to Albany to receive the 2012 Outstanding Adult Student Award from the New York Association for Continuing/Community Education.  As part of the ceremonies, Craig received a personalized tour from NY State Senator Kevin Parker of the legislative chambers.

Craig has kept strong ties to The Doe Fund, seeking advice and encouragement as his support team celebrates his accomplishments.  In an effort to give back some of the good fortune he has experienced, Craig has volunteered to come back one night a week to Ready, Willing & Able to tutor the next generation of trainees who are committed to earning their GEDs.



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