Success Story

Terrance Coffie

Terrance Coffie Success Story

“I used to live in and out of prison.  But today, I have a home of my own.  I used to sell drugs to make money.  But today, I am a proud member of The Doe Fund’s Harlem dispatch staff and just earned a place on the Dean’s List in college. I used to be a father who had nothing to do with his son.  But today, I am a true dad.”

Growing up in foster homes, Terrance often felt disconnected from family life.  Hostility led him down the wrong path, and Terrance spent nearly a decade of his life behind bars. Joining Ready, Willing & Able provided a positive path for Terrance for the first time in years: the road to becoming a better man.

“First I focused on working.  I didn’t miss a day, didn’t go to bed late, showed up every day ready to push that bucket.  Then I focused on classes, and I didn’t miss any of those either.   And the small things started turning into big things, like my self-esteem returning and going back to school to get a human services degree.”

And then the biggest thing of all happened to Terrance: his son Tarrington came back into his life.

Tarrington located his father on Facebook, and for the next year, the two stayed in close contact through phone calls and emails.  In 2011, Terrance worked up the courage to travel to North Carolina to meet his son for the first time, as well as his new granddaughter.  “Growing up, I watched a lot of movies about families.   And I’d always see people reuniting, hugging and smiling, happy to be together.  I thought that kind of connection was only for special people, not for foster kids like I was.  But then it happened to me.”

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