Day Program

Ready, Willing & Able Day Program

 Even as the economy improves, secure, full time employment remains elusive for tens of thousands. For the formerly incarcerated, finding a job is compounded by a criminal history, a skills and experience gap, and the rigors of life on parole. The discontinuity between life on the inside and the demands of the working world is partly responsible for a 67% re-arrest rate, nationwide.

 In 2001, The Doe Fund partnered with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office to adapt Ready, Willing & Able to meet the needs of the formerly incarcerated who were not homeless. The result— The Ready, Willing & Able Day Program— combines paid transitional work, case management, education, vocational training, and job placement: all the elements that have made the residential version of our programs a success for thousands.

 A groundbreaking evaluation by Harvard University’s criminal justice expert Dr. Bruce Western and supported by the Oak Foundation found that Ready, Willing & Able graduates are 60% less likely to be convicted of a felony within three years of their release. That study proved the program’s efficacy in breaking the cycles of incarceration and homelessness.

 The six-month program was additionally expanded under a grant from the United States Department of Labor in 2011 to serve hundreds of individuals a year who have secured their own housing but struggle to find gainful, full time employment.

 If you’re interested in joining Ready, Willing & Able Day or know someone who is, please contact Charles Bryant, Coordinator of Gates Day (Brooklyn) at 718-682-3212 or; or Anthony Isaacs, Coordinator of Harlem Day at 646-672-2916 or