To solve homelessness for a night, you need shelter. To solve it for good, you need work. Since Ready, Willing & Able launched in 1990, it has used paid transitional work and a holistic, individualized service package to catapult individuals into the workforce and out of cycles of homelessness, crime, and addiction.

Through this award-winning program, we've given tens of thousands of individuals the tools needed to rebuild their lives. Every day, our facilities serve 700 formerly homeless and incarcerated individuals, who receive:

  • Paid transitional work where trainees earn stipends of $8.95 - $9.70 an hour working in our Community Improvement Project and social enterprises

  • Safe, comfortable housing and three nutritious meals a day

  • Case management twice a week

  • Drug relapse prevention through mandatory and random drug testing twice a week, relapse prevention workshops, and AA/NA meetings

  • Life skills curriculums, including conflict resolution, financial management, and parenting

  • Occupational training tracks such as Commercial Driving, Culinary Arts, Energy Efficient Building Maintenance, and Pest Control

  • Educational offerings, including GED, pre-GED, adult literacy, and computer skills

  • Career Development classes, covering topics such as identification of occupational aptitudes and interests, job searching, resume preparation, and interview skills

  • Job readiness and placement services

  • Lifelong graduate resources, including career counseling, job placement assistance, and additional training and education opportunities. After completing the program, each graduate receives five $200 installments over a six month period (for a total of $1,000) upon submitting proof of employment.